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Wandafay, MorningStar International, News and Prayer, Right in America, Right in San Diego, Church on the Word is about actively participating in life including being a part of what goes on in America and our world even if it's only a simple prayer, opinion, expression and/or commentary.  A few years ago we all lived our private lives watching.  We all just watched the news.  No participation, no voice.  Today it's a different story!  We found out we do have a voice and we can do what "we the people" should have been doing all along....EXPRESSING IT!  We all have opinions.  And now we speak!

I do want to thank God for Social Media and Big Tech and for God raising up the intelligence that give us all the opportunity to express ourselves through it!  Lately we seem to have run into it seem some obvious bias.  It make me so sad!

Mainstream media was in it's own secluded elite world.  We had no idea they could turn the tide of life and our country the way they wanted by simply putting their own "spin" on it.  Now we can "spin" back with truth.  It's called fighting political correctness!  I may be back to write more or edit this later!  God bless you! 

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The Word - Jesus - became flesh and dwelt among us. God's Church is one with Him and He one with them and they are one with each other. John 17

We are not Globalists not are we Internationalists!  The Bright and MorningStar JESUS is the Light of the Word who will never be put out!  He is the One who will still be shining when all others dim and are put out!  International because God so loved the World that He gave His ONLY begotten Son that whosoever believes in Him shall NOT perish, but have everlasting life!  A business / Ministry House of Prayer for all nations, a Church not made with hands!  In My Fathers house are many mansions!  I go to prepare a place for YOU!  Rest in the Lord!  Lean NOT to YOUR own understand but in all your ways acknowledge Him and He shall direct your path!  Fear Not I am with you!  We are NOT non profit, because we do NOT want to be silenced by the rules and regulations that comes with that in any way!