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Right in America is about activily participating in life including being a part of what goes on in America and our world even if it's a prayer, opinion, expression and/or commentary.  A few years ago we all lived our private lives watching.  We all just watched the news.  No participation, no voice.  Today is a different story!  We found out we do have a voice and we can do what "we the people" should have been doing all along....EXPRESSING IT!  We all have opinions.  And now we speak.!

The media was in it's own secluded elite world.  We had no idea they could turn the tide of life and our country the way they wanted by simply putting their own "spin" on it.  Now we can "spin" back with truth.  It's called fighting political correctness!
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God is always working on me and will continue!  And I am ...  always working on what I'm working on!  It's a work in progress and I am a work in progress!  So I thank God for HIS MERCY AND GRACE that while He works on me, I continue to work on  what I'm working on!  And LIFE is exciting, wonderful and this work that I work on is awesome!  

It's not about re-li-gion, it's about relationship with my maker Jesus Christ!  He created me and knows how to fix me, lead me, heal me, provide for me, use me and bless me with my wildest dreams in life, business and ministry!  And He knows all about YOU too!  

I began to wake up politically in 2007.  When did YOU?  Have you?  Let's do it!  Where we live is important and how we function where we live is important.  How we participate is important!  

I love America where I live!  Thank God I woke up politically as well as spiritually!  The BEST is yet to come!  It's getting better and better even when I don't see it!  I'm getting younger and younger!  (I'm in complete denial about getting OLD LOL!  How bout YOU? )

MorningStar International is not based on Internationalism.  MorningStar International is based on John 3:16 "For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believes on Him, shall not perish, but have eternal life!  God loves everybody and sent His Son to die for everybody.  So in this regard my view of things spiritually is that because God so loved the world, then I do too, and have a difficult time leaving people out of certain equations, especially the prayer equation.  We can always pray for everybody in the world, intercede for them on behalf of them.
  However, I am of course American and all American!  I AM FOR AMERICA FIRST.  Why?  Because if we aren't strong how could we ever help others in the world at all.  And our Patriotism to America is something I think we all should care about who ARE as Americans.  We live is the greatest country and many have fought AND died to give us our freedom. 

Wanda Fay Gladwill 
aka *Wandafay*
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